Chinese Printmaking Today


If you are interested in learning more about Chinese printmaking today and other aspects of contemporary Chinese culture, try these links:

British Library Resources

The British Library is a uniquely appropriate setting for this ground-breaking exhibition of Chinese woodblock prints. Our Chinese collections are unrivalled, with material dating back 3,000 years.

The Diamond Sutra is the most important printed item in the Chinese collections. Dated 868 AD, it is the earliest surviving complete and dated ‘book' in the world.

The World and Traditional Music collection of the British Library Sound Archive is one of the world's largest collections of recorded performances dating from the infancy of sound recording to the present day.

Other web resources

Chinatown Online provides information about China, the Chinese community in the UK, Chinese businesses and business involved in trade/commerce with China. There is a dual focus to the site: information and education.

The Chinese Arts Centre is the UK agency for the promotion of contemporary Chinese art and interpretation of Chinese culture.

Asia House aims to promote appreciation and understanding of Asian countries, their arts, religions and economies, and to foster closer communication between the peoples of Asia and Europe.

A leading event in the international art calendar is Asian Art in London from 6-14 November 2003.

The Brunei Gallery is dedicated to showing historical and contemporary work of and from Asia and Africa.

Supporters of the exhibition

The Muban Foundation is associate organiser of the exhibition. This site will provide access to their collection of Chinese woodblock prints, allowing you to browse them online.

Our promotional partner, China Travel Service & Information Centre Ltd, is supporting the Win a Trip to China Competition.

Shanghai Tang
are also a promotional Partner.

Our promotional Partner. The Great North Eastern Railway (GNER) provides high speed inter-city train services along Britain’s East Coast main line linking England and Scotland along a route of almost 1,000 miles. The onboard magazine Live Wire gave generous promotional support.

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