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Image of Margaret of York and the risen Christ

Image of Margaret of York and the risen Christ, Nicolas Finet, Dialogue de la duchesse de Bourgogne à Jésus Christ. Made for Margaret of York, Duchess of Burgundy, Follower of the Girart Master, Brussels, shortly after 1468, 200 x 140 mm, Add. MS 7970, ff. 1v-2
Shortly after her marriage to Charles the Bold in 1468, Margaret of York commissioned this text from her almoner Nicolas Finet. In the text Christ himself advises Margaret on how to approach God and achieve spiritual improvement. In the miniature at the beginning of the Dialogue, Margaret is depicted kneeling in her chamber before the resurrected Christ. Through this image the illuminator sought to portray how, as recommended in the text, Margaret should achieve direct communion with Christ’s living presence.
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