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Image of Charles the Bold receiving oath of fealty from his military captains, Military ordinance of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, Master of Fitzwilliam 268, Bruges, 1475, 305 x 216 mm, Add. MS 36619, f. 5
This slim volume has been identified as Charles the Bold’s personal copy of a set of ordinances compiled for the organisation of his standing army. Its opening miniature offers a formal template for the ceremony at which the Duke annually issued to each of his military captains their batons of authority and own copies of the ordinances. The opening page of the Ordinance is richly embellished with the arms, devices and mottoes of Charles the Bold. The border includes the Duke’s personal arms and those of his 19 principal territories. The miniature includes his arms on a floor textile, the joined initials of him and his wife Margaret on the rear wall and both their mottoes on a roof-beam.
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