* Sir Raghubir Singh
  Sir Raghubir Singh,
Maharao of Bundi
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India: Pioneering Photographers 1850-1900
The first major exhibition in London
of early photographs of India

11 October to 15 December 2001

Presented by Asia House in association with The British Library and SOAS
Sponsored by Royal and Sun Alliance

In the 19th century, India was at the forefront of photographic development,
and this exhibition includes a wide range of arresting images many of which
have never been seen in public before. The photographs are drawn from two of
the most important collections of Indian photography: the British Library
and the Howard and Jane Ricketts Collection.

The exhibition reflects the major preoccupations and achievements of
19th-century Indian photography: the early amateurs who first introduced
the medium; the documentation of India's architectural and ethnic diversity;
the achievements of commercial photographers such as Samuel Bourne; and
Princely India. Other themes include natural history, panoramas, trade and
the industrialisation of India, and the Durbars.

Since the 18th century people, events and landscapes in India had been
keenly observed and documented by both Indian and European artists in
paintings, drawings, aquatints and lithographs. Within a few years of its
introduction in Europe in 1839, however, photography had become the new
recording medium.

Menu pictures:
Sir Madan Singh, Maharajah of Kishangarh, ca. 1911
The Delhi Durbar, 7 January 1903
Chhatri at Rajgarh, Rajasthan, ca. 1862
The locomotive 'Akbar' being ferried across the Jumna, 14 January 1887

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