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The Lion and Dragon: Britain's first embassy to China

Further Reading

L'empire immobile, ou, Le choc des mondes: récit historique. - Paris: Fayard, 1989.
Shelfmark YA.1990.b.60
[Another copy] ORW.1989.a.1667 [held in OIOC]

Translated into English by Jon Rothschild as: The collision of two civilisations: the British expedition to China in 1792-4. - London: Harvill, 1993

SINGER, Aubrey
The lion and the dragon: the story of the first British embassy to the court of the Emperor Qianlong in Peking 1792-1794. - London: Barrie & Jenkins, 1992.
Shelfmark YK.1992.a.9788

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