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The Lion and Dragon: Britain's first embassy to China

Until the 1790s, British attempts to establish direct contact with China had only served to increase the Chinese government's resistance to trade with the outside world. In 1792, Lord Macartney, a seasoned diplomat, was chosen to lead an Embassy.

Western Gates of the City of Peking

View of one of the Western Gates of the City of Peking.
William Alexander: BL Pressmark 14001.i.38
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This website contains images from the following books in English and French relating to Macartney's visit:

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  8. William Jardine Proudfoot. A Biography of James Dinwiddie. 1868. BL Pressmark
  9. Sir George Staunton. An Authentic Account of an Embassy. 1797. BL Pressmark 787.l.47

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