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Man looking at a book in the Sacred Exhibition 2007

Sacred Exhibition

Enjoy a 'virtual visit' with this slideshow

02 min 14 sec


Ameer Khan Qawwali group performing at Sacred Ways 7 May 2007

Sacred Ways

Music and events in the piazza 7 May 2007

03 min 04 sec


Sufi dancer Zia Azazi performing Whirling Dervish dance at British Library 7 May 2007

Whirling Dervish

Sufi dancer Zia Azazi at the British Library

03 min 17 sec


Manuscript being written

Illuminating the page (silent)

A scribe shows how old sacred texts were made

02 min 15 sec


Scene from a Jewish wedding

Weddings in the three faiths (silent)

Jewish, Christian and Muslim ceremonies

03 min 27 sec


Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

Sacred places (silent)

Jewish, Christian and Islamic holy sites

03 min 10 sec


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Third-party videos

You can see video reports on the Sacred exhibition and events on the British Satellite News website. They are not produced by the British Library. They are intended for foreign broadcasters, and do not have voice-overs. These include reports on our Summer Sounds week; our May Bank Holiday music festival; the major debate between UK religious leaders on Living With Faith in 2007; and the opening of the Sacred Exhibition itself.