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Britain and Spanish American independence

The dispatches of Colonel Patrick Campbell

British diplomatic representative in the Republic of Colombia, 1828-29. [BL.Add. MS 43096]. Entries between 14 and 23 March 1828, Bogotá, pp. 14-15

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The dispatches of Colonel Patrick Cambell The dispatches of Colonel Patrick Cambell

Image: 14 March 1828 - Report on President Bolívar’s recommendations for holders of Colombian bonds in Britain. [BL Add. MS 43096]

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Source: BL Add. MS 43096, Correspondence of Lord Aberdeen during his first term of office as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.

The dispatches of Colonel Patrick Cambell

Image: 17 March 1828 - Report that President Bolívar has conferred extraordinary powers upon himself and departed for Venezuela.
23 March 1828- Report on decrees issued by President Bolívar regarding import and export duties, rum, gold, smuggling, taxes, and state finances.

[BL Add. MS 43096]

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