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world in 1600
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foundation of the EIC

Like the Dutch, the English wanted a key role in the spice trade. Following a year of fund raising and political negotiation, the ‘Company of Merchants of London trading into the East Indies’ was given ‘royal approval’ by a charter from Queen Elizabeth I on 31 December 1600.

218 subscribers to the new enterprise raised £68,373 – a massive amount at a time when a skilled carpenter was earning about 7 pence a day. The Company was granted a monopoly on all English trade east of the Cape of Good Hope.

All of Asia was theirs for the trading.

  coat of arms   subscription list

The arms used by the East India Company until 1709, a plaster cast of a ceiling boss in Poplar Chapel.
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The first subscription list for the English East India Company, 22 September 1599.
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