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Ellora: Details from Cave VI

Ellora: Details from Cave VI

Surveyor: Burgess, James (1832-1916)

Medium: Pencil on paper

Date: 1877

Shelfmark: WD 2215

Item number: f.12

Genre: Drawing

Illustration of sculptures from Cave VI at Ellora from James Burgess' 'Original Drawings [from the] Report on the Elura Caves.' The spectacular site of Ellora, in Maharashtra, is famous for its series of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain cave temples excavated into the rocky fa├žade of a cliff of basalt. The works were done under the patronage of the Kalachuri, the Chalukya and the Rashtrakuta dynasties between the 6th and the 9th centuries. Illustrated on the top portion of this folio is a panel from the right side of the shrine including figures of Avalokitesvara or Padmapani (left) and two unidentified figures in centre and right. Burgess wrote: ?the central one is very fat and holds what resembles a small book in his left hand, and some round object in his right, while his headdress is unlike any other. He has rich armlets, heavy earrings, a necklace and janvi or sacred thread, as a Brahman. The third figure holds a small flower in his right hand, wears a high dress with a dagaba on the front of it, a necklace, long ear-pendants, armlets, bracelets, and a thick cord worn as a janvi. Probably this is Manjusri. All three have aureoles behind their heads.? Illustrated on the bottom portion of this folio is a panel from the left side of the shrine with several figures. On right is ?a male figure with rich headdress, earrings, necklace, and janvi on bended knees, and attended by a female chauri-bearer presenting an offering. Behind him is an a female figure, probably his wife, also with rich turban and enormous earrings, on her knees and is attended by a female dwarf, who bears a box or tray of presents, and over her head is a bird apparently placed as sort of cognisance. Behind the female, again, bends on one knee a male figure with necklace and Brahmanical cord, holding something like a long bag or purse.? Inscribed: 'Elura:- On right side of the shrine in Cave 6 Bauddha' (top), ?Elura Shrine Cave No. VI on left side of shrine' (bottom)

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