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Agra Gate, Fatehpur Sikri

Agra Gate, Fatehpur Sikri

Photographer: Smith, Edmund William

Medium: Photographic print

Date: 1893

Shelfmark: Photo 1003/(533)

Item number: 1003533

Genre: Photograph

Photograph of Agra Gate at Fatehpur Sikri, from the Archaeological Survey of India Collections, taken by Edmund William Smith in 1893. The palace-city complex at Fatehpur Sikri was built by the Mughal Emperor Akbar (r.1556-1605). Akbar built his city close to the saint Shaikh Salim Chisti's refuge, after the saint had successfully predicted the birth of the Emperor's heir, Prince Salim, later Emperor Jahangir. The city is enclosed on three sides by high walls. Set at intervals along the walls are nine entrance gates, which are known as the Delhi Gate, the Lal Gate, the Agra Gate, Birbal's Gate, Chandanpal Gate, The Gwalior Gate, the Tehra Gate, the Chor Gate and the Ajmere Gate. The Agra Gate is wider at the base than at the top, higher at the front than the back. Narrow flights of steps lead to the battlements. The four-centred archway at the centre of the gate leads to a square chamber covered by a dome, either side of which, raised above the ground, are deep recesses covered with stucco half-domes.

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