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Brahmanabad and Bhambor, Hyderabad District, Sindh. Coin moulds

Brahmanabad and Bhambor, Hyderabad District, Sindh. Coin moulds

Photographer: Cousens, Henry

Medium: Photographic print

Date: 1896

Shelfmark: Photo 1009/4(1536)

Item number: 1536

Length: 28

Width: 20

Scale: Centimetres

Genre: Photograph

Photograph of several honeycombed coin moulds from Brahmanabad and Bhambor in the Hyderabad District of Sindh in Pakistan, taken by Henry Cousens in 1896-7. Cousens wrote in Brahmanabad-Mansura in Sind, Archaeological Survey of India, Annual Report 1903-04, "Heaps of honeycombed baked clay slabs are found in one particular spot...all broken into fragments...These clay slabs, or cakes, are about half to three quarters of an inch thick, upon one side of which are impressed rows of little cup-like hollows, forming a regular honeycomb pattern, while the lower sides have been subject to great heat and are vitrified. The honeycombing I have found in three sizes, the hollows in the largest being about seven-sixteenths, and those in the smallest barely three-sixteenths of an inch in diameter...upon finding near them...not only copper coins, but little pellets of copper that fitted them, the real use of these curiously marked tablets became apparent...I take it that these slabs of clay were first heated upon a furnace, to prevent the sudden chilling of the copper poured into them; and, when filled, and all superfluous copper run off, each hollow contained a pellet of uniform size and weight. These were then placed between the dies and struck by a very heavy hammer. This mode of manufacture would account for the dumpy shape of the coins, not all of the same thickness, often thick at one side and thinner on the other, and frequently burst at the edges. The small silver coins would seem to have been made in the same way. The heating of the moulds vitrified the under sides of the slabs, and cracked them, after which they were cast aside for new moulds; hence the heaps."

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