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An Eel Fisher On The Bure

An Eel Fisher On The Bure

Photographer: Payne Jennings, John (1843-1926)

Medium: Photographic print

Date: 1892

Shelfmark: 10354.aa.14

Item number: 24

Length: 8

Width: 11.4

Scale: Centimetres

Genre: Photograph

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“An Eel Fisher on the Bure. – Eel catching forms quite a noticeable feature to the Autumn visitors to the Broads; it is not much practised till the beginning of September. The boat with a lofty cabin built into it is to be seen at frequent intervals along the Bure. This forms the eel-man’s watch-house, in which he can take a nap during the intervals of examining the net. It also forms a protection for him against the weather. The net is usually the width of the river; its enormous mouth is buoyed along the top rope with corks, while the lower lip is kept upon the bottom by a length of chain, which sinking in the mud allows the eels to enter at will. The net rapidly diminishes till it ends in a detachable cod-piece. To prevent the eel returning and escaping from the mouth of the net, purse screens are fixed at intervals along the interior, with only small apertures for the fish to go in at. The tide then takes them onward towards the end with but little chance of their finding their way back again.”

Letterpress description by Ernest R. Suffling accompanying Plate XLVIII from ‘Sun Pictures of the Norfolk Broads’.

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