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Evidence of Use by a Woman, in 'Aelfwine's Prayerbook'

Evidence of Use by a Woman, in 'Aelfwine's Prayerbook'

Medium: Ink on vellum

Date: 1030

Shelfmark: Cotton MS. Titus D XXVI

Item number: f.68r

Length: 13.1

Width: 10.1

Scale: Centimetres

Genre: Illuminated Manuscript

This manuscript is now bound in two volumes. The other volume contains evidence that it was owned by Aelfwine, when he was a monk and deacon of the New Minster, Winchester, before he became the abbot in 1031 or 1032. It may also predate 1029, the year in which his mother Wulfwynn died, since a note of her death is an addition to the manuscript. The manuscript includes the name of the main scribe: he was a monk called Aelsinus.

Feminine forms of Latin words have been added throughout the text, indicating that the manuscript was later used by a woman . On this page, for example, six lines from the bottom, 'miser' has been changed to 'misera', and 'peccator' to 'peccatrix'.

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