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Hyde Park showing Army Barracks

Hyde Park showing Army Barracks

Draughtsman: Salway, Joseph

Medium: Lithograph, coloured

Date: 1811

Shelfmark: Maps.183.p.2

Item number: Sheet 8-A

Length: 593

Width: 657

Scale: Millimetres

Genre: Map

Map scale ratio: 1 '' : 20 Feet (1 : 240)

Map scale description: 1 '' : 20 Feet

This drawing covers the northern part of Hyde Park, the largest of the Royal parks and well known at one time as a duelling ground and frequented by highway men. The Army Barracks are shown in both plan and elevation. The road is a dirt track and two toll bars are shown, one crossing what is now Kensington Gore and the other crossing Gloucester Road, named after the Duchess of Gloucester who built Gloucester Lodge here in 1805. George Canning lived at Gloucester Lodge at the time of the survey of this drawing, having bought the house from the Duchess' daughter after her death. Lamp posts are indicated, drawn with their shadows and individually numbered, providing a detailed record of all the features under the management of the Kensington Turnpike Trust. A red block adjacent to the Gloucester road toll bar would have provided accommodation for the toll-keeper.

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