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Landmarks in printing

Choose an item to start finding out about these rare and influential printed books.

Johann Gutenberg’s Bible

The first book printed from movable type in Europe

Diamond Sutra

From China, the oldest dated printed book in the world

Spring and autumn annals

Korean printing from metal type, preceding Gutenberg

William Caxton’s Chaucer

'The Canterbury Tales': first English bestseller

William Tyndale's New Testament

How the Gospel was brought to the masses

Vesalius’ 'De Humani Corporis Fabrica’

One of the most influential works in the history of medicine

Hortus Eystettensis

Fabulous book about a fabulous German garden

Shakespeare's First Folio

First authoritative collection of 36 of the Bard's plays

Elizabeth Blackwell's 'A Curious Herbal'

Classic of botanical illustration

Kelmscott Chaucer

Homage to the Middle Ages by William Morris in the 19th century

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