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Bath 1

Bath 1

Draughtsman: [Crocker, Edmund ]

Medium: Pen and ink on paper

Date: 1815

Shelfmark: OSD 60

Item number: 1

Length: 31

Width: 22

Genre: Map

Map scale ratio: 2'' : 1 Mile ( 1: 31680)

Bath is the main settlement in this drawing, appearing in the bottom right-hand corner. The city's Georgian street plan is shown in red. Near the middle of the city, a circular shape represent the Circus, a superb piazza built between 1754 and 1770 by John Wood, father and son. Two curvilinear shapes nearby represent Lansdown Crescent (built 1789-93 by John Palmer) and the Royal Crescent (built 1767-75 by John Wood, the younger). These architectural developments were relatively new when the drawing was made. They remain the finest of their types in the country.

Just outside Bath is Lansdown, with a Roman route marked "roman Vicinal Way". An "Ancient Camp" and an "Ancient Intrenchment" are also indicated - evidence that Bath had been a settlement since the Roman era, its prosperity founded on its mineral springs.

The status of the drawing as a finished copy is affirmed by the ink border and italic lettering.

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