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This is a complete list of all our online exhibitions. Just choose the one you'd like to see. You can then zoom in on the images.

Asia, Pacific & Africa Collections

A portrait of the Indian subcontinent, in 15,000 images from our Asia, Pacific & Africa collections.

Britain and the American Civil War

Photographs, letters and artefacts highlighting Britain's role in the American Civil War

Caribbean views: personal selections by Mike Phillips

Mike Phillips gives his personal response to the Caribbean views exhibition

Caribbean views: the full collection

1,200 items present perspectives on plantation life during the 18th and early 19th centuries

Crace Collection of Maps of London

Over 1200 maps and plans of the capital: a fascinating collection brought together by the Victorian designer, Frederick Crace

Deptford plans and drawings

130 plans and drawings of Deptford uncover history in and around the royal dockyards

Durham: echoes of power

As protectors of the shrine of St Cuthbert and representatives of the crown, the 'Prince Bishops' of Durham enjoyed near regal status

Early photographically illustrated books

Images of Victorian Britain captured in 1,500 original photographic book illustrations

English literature

Manuscripts by some of our greatest writers

Evanion Collection of ephemera

1,800 printed items from everyday 19th century life collected by the Victorian conjurer, Evanion.

Expressions of Faith

The British Library holds a wealth of sacred manuscripts from around the world - many of them rare

Fire insurance maps and plans

Fire insurance maps and plans

Grimm's Northumberland sketchbooks

Follow the Swiss-born artist Samuel Hieronymus Grimm as he pursues his mission to record 'everything curious' in the life of the County of Castles

Historical texts

Pivotal moments in British history

Illuminated Manuscripts

More than 3,000 stunning images from our renowned manuscript collections.

Kensington Turnpike Trust drawings

Ride into Regency London through 30 drawings commissioned by the Kensington Turnpike Trust

King George III Topographical Collection

Over 2,500 watercolours, drawings and prints from King George III's vast topographical collection.

Landmarks in printing

The invention that changed the world

Literary landscapes

Contemporary views and maps bring to life the topographical backgrounds to works by six favourite authors.

Maps and views

From the world's greatest collection

Maps of Africa

A fascinating sampling of maps depicting places in Africa

Maps of Asia

A fascinating sampling of maps depicting places in Asia

Maps of Europe

A fascinating sampling of maps depicting places in Europe

Maps of the Americas

A fascinating sampling of maps depicting places in North America

Maps of the UK

A fascinating sampling of maps depicting places in the United Kingdom

Music manuscripts

As written by Bach, Mozart and Beethoven themselves

Ordnance Survey drawings

Original drawings for the Ordnance Survey maps commissioned under threat of French invasion

Philatelic rarities

Some of the world's most intriguing rarities, from our renowned philatelic collections

Points of View: Capturing the 19th Century in Photographs

Follow photography from its invention

Remarkable manuscripts

Extraordinary treasures from all over the world

The Spice Trail: food and flavours from Southeast Asia

Natural history drawings from Indonesia and Malaysia

The unveiling of Britain

Follow the unveiling of Britain through hundreds of maps and views created between 800 and 1600

Topographical Drawings

Sketchbook tour of England 1750 to 1850 with 3,000 fantastic drawings.

Victorian popular music

Illustrated sheet music for piano and songs from the heyday of the Victorian Music Hall

Voices of history

Listen to historic voices from our Sound Archive

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