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Taking Liberties interactive

Where do you stand on today's issues? How do your views compare to everyone else's? Take our interactive journey and find out

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How do you compare to the wisdom of crowds? Find out now (requires Flash)

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One important feature of Taking Liberties is an interactive activity available both in the gallery, and online here. You are placed right in the centre of current debates about vital rights and freedoms in society: detention without charge, the right to privacy, devolved government, free speech and so on.

As you give your answers you can see, on clear and innovative 3D graphics, how your views compare to everyone else's. Are you content with things as they are or do you want change? How do you balance order with freedom?

Visitors to the exhibition can vote using a special bar code and see how other visitors have voted. Using their bar code they can even continue their journey and view their results on their home computer.

• The online interactive available here requires Flash. For those without Flash installed, we will be adding a non-Flash version here soon.
• News photos supplied by the Associated Newspapers Picture Library.

Launch interactive (needs Flash)

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