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Mozart's Thematic Catalogue - ff. 13v-14r

Image of Mozart's Thematic Catalogue - ff. 13v-14r
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24 August to 6 November 1787

During 1787 Mozart was largely preoccupied with composing his new opera Don Giovanni. The libretto was again written by Lorenzo da Ponte, and was based on the legend of Don Juan. On 1 October Mozart travelled again to Prague to conduct the premiere. After several delays the opera was finally performed on the 29th and was a "triumphant success", according to Mozart in a letter to his sister. Mozart conducted four performances.

24 August 1787

K526. A sonata in A for piano and violin.

28 October 1787 (in Prague)

K527. Don Giovanni (or Il dissoluto punito), a comic opera in 2 acts, first performed in Prague on 29 October 1787.

3 November 1787 (in Prague)

K528. A dramatic recitative, Bella mia fiamma and aria, Resta o cara, for soprano with Orchestral accompaniment. Mozart wrote this aria for the singer Josepha Duschek. She and her husband Franz were close friends of the Mozarts, and it was at their villa near Prague that Mozart completed Don Giovanni.

6 November 1787

K529. A song with piano accompaniment, Des kleinen Friedrichs Geburtstag. The text was by Johann Eberhard Friedrich Schall, and the title refers to the text, which had been written to celebrate the ninth birthday of Crown Prince Fredrich of Anhalt-Dessau on 29 December 1778.

6 November 1787

K530. A song with piano accompaniment, Das Traumbild. This song was published under the name of one of Mozart's pupils, Gottfried von Jacquin, with Mozart's consent.

Musical extracts recorded at the Royal College of Music, London

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