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Ramayana - Pages 7 and 8

Pages 7 and 8
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Add. MS 15296(1)

ff.45v (text) and 46r (picture)

Laksmana and Sita have resolved to go into exile with Rama. Seated in the pavilion on the left, Sita distributes her jewels, giving the principal ones and her clothes to the Brahmin Suyajna and his wife, who can be seen in the centre foreground. In the pavilion on the right, Rama and Laksmana give away their jewels, horses, elephants and camels. The Brahmin Trijata throws his staff to the other side of the river and receives all the cattle between him and it. Only the princes' weapons are not given away. The two princes have now stripped off all their royal attire apart from their diadems and adopted an ascetic garment of a simple dhoti.

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