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The Sforza Hours - Pages 13 and 14

Image of The Sforza Hours - pages 13 and 14
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folio 24v

The left-hand page contains part of the Hours of the Cross. The illumination is by Birago.

folio 26r

The right-hand page from the Hours of the Cross is adorned with a border by Birago. The decoration contains much costly blue pigment, as do many other borders in the Sforza Hours.

St Veronica holds a handkerchief with the image of Christ's face. This refers to the legend of St Veronica told in the Apocryphal Gospels of Nicodemus. When Christ was about to be crucified, Veronica wiped the sweat from his brow with her veil or handkerchief. The impression of Christ's face remained on the cloth.

A putto (young boy) is depicted in an attitude of adoration.

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