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The Sherborne Missal - Pages 31 and 32

Image of the Sherborne Missal - Pages 31 and 32
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Feast days of St. Juthwara and St. Kenelm, Pages 492 and 489

These pages from the Sanctorale include two little-known saints who were of particular interest to Sherborne. St. Juthwara, a Celtic saint, was beheaded by her brother, Bana, after her malicious stepmother told him that Juthwara was pregnant. The stepmother had advised Juthwara to put cream cheeses on her breasts to ease the pain in her chest. Bana misinterpreted these as evidence that Juthwara was pregnant and killed her on the spot. Her relics were held at Sherborne. St. Kenelm, a prince of from the kingdom of Mercia in the Midlands, was given lands at Glastonbury, near Sherborne, by the Pope.

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