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  • A Sailor went to Sea (2010)

    Video Created date: 2010

    The two girls, from Year 1 and Year 2, learnt the song ‘a sailor went to sea, sea, sea’ at nursery and through their par...

  • A sailor went to sea, sea, sea (1972)

    Video Created date: 1972

    This recording was made by Iona Opie in Birmingham in 1972. ‘A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea’ is a clapping game found on...

  • Akkar Bakkar

    Video Created date: 2002

    This film was taken in Keighley, Yorkshire in 2002. This is a Punjabi version of the counting out game ‘Eeny Meeny Miny ...

  • Baker shop

    Video Created date: 1951

    This footage was recorded in Edinburgh in 1951 and shows girls performing the skipping rhyme 'Down to the Baker Shop'.

  • Bandy legs

    Video Created date: 1957

    This footage was filmed in London in 1957 and features a boy rollerskating and the traditional children’s nursery rhyme ...

  • Battle Scenes

    Video Created date: 1947

    This footage, from 1947, is an example of the way in which children refer to and draw upon contemporary events to inspir...

  • Bicycle ramps

    Video Created date: 1989

    Boys, in 1989, are playing on the street with their BMX bikes

  • Black shoe

    Video Created date: 2010

    An example of a popular counting out game

  • Bluebells, cockle shells

    Video Created date: 1957

    This footage was captured in Edinburgh in 1957.

  • Bluebird

    Video Created date: 1951

    The children in this footage, recorded in Edinburgh, are singing ‘Here Comes a Bluebird’

  • Body popping

    Video Created date: 2010

    A Year 2 boy performs break dancing moves

  • Bonny Bunch of Roses

    Video Created date: 1950

    This song, recorded in the streets of Edinburgh in 1950, is called ‘The London Ball’.

  • Bow and Arrow

    Video Created date: 1957

    This footage was captured in London in 1957 and shows a boy playing on the streets with his bow and arrow.

  • Boy skipping very fast

    Video Created date: 2010

    Footage of a boy playing with a skipping rope

  • Boys' Jokes

    Video Created date: 2010

    A group of boys, filmed in 2010 discuss their favourite jokes and where they learnt them