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The Poor Palatines: an 18th-century refugee crisis

04 September 2015

In 1709 London found itself playing host to thousands of Germans who were fleeing famine, war and religious persecution in their native lands. Many of the first arrivals came from the Palatinate region, and the refugees became collectively known as...

Tales of Lincolnshire from Five British Library Manuscripts

04 September 2015

As part of the 800th anniversary celebrations of Magna Carta, the county of Lincolnshire is currently hosting an exhibition that celebrates everything that makes this county great. One of the four original 1215 endorsements of Magna Carta is held at...

The Peter Rabbit Hotel

03 September 2015

As the school summer holidays draw to a close, we bring you a story about a hotel where all the guests were children. The Peter Rabbit Hotel in St Anne’s-on Sea Lancashire placed newspaper advertisements in 1951 describing itself as...

Yongle Dadian on display in our Treasures Gallery

03 September 2015

Beyond Paper: 3000 Years of Chinese Writ...

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