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Jamie Vardy: I bet he ain't mardy ... dilly dong dilly dong

05 May 2016

Jonnie Robinson, Lead Curator of Spoken English, writes: In the immediate aftermath of Leicester City's incredible achievement in securing their first Premier League title, I thought of this BBC Voices Recording with Foxes fans in 2004. This conversation will underline...

Calculating Kindness Revisited

05 May 2016

To publicise our event Calculating Kindness: Chasing George Price, to be held Tuesday, 10th May, 6.30 – 8.00 pm at the British Library, we are republishing an edited version of Laura Farnworth’s post on the development of Undercurrent’s production, Calculating...

The principle of the process of creation: Adolfo Best Maugard

05 May 2016

In Diego Rivera’s 1913 portrait, Adolfo Best Maugard appears as an elegant though somewhat angular figure, a gaunt giant surveying the steel and smog and bluster of Paris. Born in 1891, Fito Best as he was known to his friends...

The 'Shakespearomania' of Karl Marx

04 May 2016

Karl Marx's magnum opus Das Kapital (Hamburg, 1872; British Library C.120.b.1.) may have a reputation as an exceedingly dry and difficult book (causing William Morris to suffer acute ‘agonies of confusion of the brain’ in his reading of the great...

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