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New online collections – February 2015 – Part 2

26 February 2015

This blog features the final three new projects available online this month. These are EAP164, EAP566 and EAP684. EAP164 digitised collections which document pre-industrial society on the Ukrainian Steppe. During the last 10 years the Zaporizhzhia Learned Society of Ya....

Powders, leeches, and castor oil

26 February 2015

The East India Company provided free medical treatment to their London warehouse labourers in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The sad story of William Poulson shows that the Company took their duty of care towards their workers very...

The truth about the Japanese doll festival

26 February 2015

Looking back to the late 90’s, “Girl Pow...

Magna Carta: The Worcester Connection

26 February 2015

There are now just a few weeks to the opening of our magnificent Magna Carta exhibition. We're very excited today to announce that on display will be some extremely precious items loaned to us by our friends at Worcester Cathedral...

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