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Digital Conversations @ BL: Digital Music Analysis

27 May 2015

Last week the BL Digital Research team organised another Digital Conversations event to discuss research projects and trends on digital music analysis. The theme couldn’t be more timely as we just heard the news that the Library has been awarded...

Looking back at European Literature Night

27 May 2015

In out last post marking European Literature Night 2015, Slovenian author Evald Flisar, who took part in this year’s event, looks back at the evening. I had been chosen (apparently there were 55 nominees) to appear at the widely publicised...

The Document That (Almost) Changed the Course of History

27 May 2015

You may be aware that some of the most famous documents in the world are currently on display at the British Library. One of those is Magna Carta (for good measure, we have no fewer than 6 of the medieval...

The 1937 massacre in Addis Ababa

26 May 2015

In the centre of Addis Ababa in the Siddist Kilo area, stands a monument known as The Yekatit “February” 12 Square Monument. The obelisk was built in memory of the 30,000 civilians massacred by Fascists on the 19th February 1937....

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