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The Goddess of Air at The Stray Dog Café

30 March 2015

On 28 March 1914 Tamara Karsavina, a legend of the Russian ballet, celebrated her birthday by dancing at The Stray Dog Café at Number 5, Mikhailovskaia Square (today Ploshchad’ iskusstv, ‘Square of the Arts’) in St Petersburg. Also called an...

The Defiance of Zaki Khan

30 March 2015

In the middle of 1826, the British Resident at Bushire, Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Ephraim Stannus received intelligence that the forces of the Imam of Muscat were threatening a seaborne attack on the Persian port of Bushire. Stannus communicated the news to...

The Anglo-Saxon Origins of Medieval Justice

29 March 2015

Our major Magna Carta exhibition is now open in London, but for those of you who can't come to the British Library in person, over the coming months we're going to showcase some of the exhibits on this blog. You...

The Greek Manuscripts of Robert Curzon, Part II

28 March 2015

(For Part I, see this post). Today we continue our journey through the Greek manuscripts acquired by the 19th-century bibliophile and traveller Robert Curzon. Add MS 39604. Gospel Lectionary (Gregory-Aland l 344), with notes of lessons and names of months...

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