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From Slapstick to Schlegel: Hamlet goes to Germany

31 May 2016

Among the videos of performances in our current exhibition Shakespeare in Ten Acts is a puppet production of Der bestrafte Brudermord (‘Fratricide Punished’), a slapstick version of Hamlet. Its origins and its relationship to Shakespeare’s text are still matters of...

An 18th Century North African Travelling Physician's Handbook

31 May 2016

While cataloguing the British Library’s collection of Arabic manuscripts from West Africa (see BL blog passim) I came across a very strange item. This manuscript, Or.6557, was given to the British Museum Library (the forerunner of the British Library) by...

Robert Clive arrives in India

31 May 2016

On 31 May 1744 the East India Company ship Winchester anchored off Fort St George Madras. The voyage from England had been exceptionally long. Having sailed from Portsmouth on 19 March 1743, the Winchester ran aground on the coast of...

And yet the time will come: Ivan Franko in Memoriam

28 May 2016

Ivan Franko (1856-1916), together with Taras Shevchenko and Lesia Ukrainka, is one of the three pillars of classical Ukrainian literature. His extraordinary life and enormous creative output are well described by Marko Robert Stech and Arkadii Zhukovsky in the Internet...

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