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The 1919-1921 Ukrainian Diplomatic Mission in London

24 August 2016

24 August 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of the day when the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of the then Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR) declared Ukraine’s independence and the creation of today’s sovereign state of Ukraine. This decision was endorsed in...

On the trail of the Essex Serpent

24 August 2016

Novelist Sarah Perry describes her encounter with the original 1669 pamphlet that inspired her acclaimed novel, The Essex Serpent. I received my first British Library Reader Pass in 2008, as I began a PhD in Creative Writing and the Gothic....

The Great Medieval Bake Off

24 August 2016

The return of a certain baking contest to British television screens this evening marks the time of year when viewers are struck by a peculiar kind of ‘baking fever’. Typical symptoms include: massively overestimating your own baking talents; buying and...

Passionate music from a hot country: a musical visit to Iraq-Kurdistan

23 August 2016

The British Library's World and Traditional Music section supported ethnomusicologist, Rolf Killius, on a field trip to record music in Iraq-Kurdistan over June/July 2016. This is his report. Rugged Mountains in Kurdistan. Photo Rolf Killius, 2016 It is hot. No,...

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