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Problems in Deccani and Mughal drawings: a marbled ox fight and the Virgin of the Apocalypse

12 October 2015

This blog continues my recent series of posts on the Library’s Deccani collections with one on Deccani drawings and specifically Deccani Christian subjects from Richard Johnson’s collection. At least that was the original intention, given that there are ten drawings...

Author’s fees for banned books, or a story of one donation: Lenin in the British Library 3

12 October 2015

Lenin’s presence in London is well known and documented. A fascinating story of the area where he used to stay during his visits is described in the Survey of London. A bust of Lenin from the Islington Museum (via Europe...

The Coronation of George II and Queen Caroline

11 October 2015

On 11 October 1727 George II and his wife Caroline of Ansbach were crowned King and Queen of Great Britain and Ireland. The ceremony at Westminster Abbey was preceded by a magnificent procession. Part of an engraving of George II’s...

Medieval Animal Tales

10 October 2015

You have until 1 November 2015 to run, gallop, canter, fly, swoop or simply walk down to the British Library to catch the brilliant (and free!) Animal Tales exhibition, on display in the Entrance Hall Gallery. Curated by Matthew Shaw,...

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