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Reagan's Critic: Daniel Patrick Moynihan

02 September 2015

Above: Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Image from Wikipedia. [This post, from Joe Ryan-Hume, University of Glasgow, is another in our series of posts from this year's Eccles Centre Fellows] Earlier in the summer, I had the pleasure of spending two weeks...

Happy 60th Birthday Miffy!!

02 September 2015

Who are the two most famous rabbits in British literature? Do I hear “Peter Rabbit”? Sure, Beatrix Potter’s mischievous rabbit in his blue coat is so famous, he features in our ‘Animal Tales’ exhibition that opened on the 6th of...

Surface Tension: a conversation with Rob St John part 2

01 September 2015

Last week we featured part 1 of a Q&A with writer, artist and composer Rob St John about his collaborative art / science project Surface Tension, an audiovisual work that explores pollution issues facing the River Lea. In the final...

Scaremonger or Patriot? Lionel Horton Smith and War with Germany

01 September 2015

Debates about Britain’s decision to go to war in 1914 typically focus on the actions of its government. We hear less about pressure groups which encouraged preparation for war with Germany. The Imperial Maritime League was one of the noisiest....

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