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Profiles at the British Library

The British Library uses the following profiles to describe, manage and preserve digital content:

Sound Archive's ASR2 METS/MODS profiles

This METS profile supports the compilation of metadata for the Sound Archive's Archival Sound Recordings (ASR) 2 project in terms of file identification and linking and the description of content, processes and conditions associated with those files. It is anticipated that this profile will serve the needs of audio preservation and access generally though a modified profile will be needed for handling born-digital files: this profile is applicable specifically to datafiles that have been generated from analogue originals.

e-Journal profile

This profile describes the usage of METS, version1.6, in the British Library's Legal Deposit eJournal archive, DOM Storage Service. METS is used to describe "journal", "issue", "article", "manifestation" and "submission" objects. The data model describes the relationship between them.