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Whitebox model of London Bridge

Off the Map is an annual videogame design competition for UK higher education students, run in partnership with GameCity; a cultural centre for videogames in Nottingham and home of the National Videogame Arcade.

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The competition

The competition sets student teams the task of creating video games, text adventures and virtual environments using digitised British Library ‘assets’ including maps and views, texts and sounds as creative inspiration. Recent competitions have been themed to coincide with British Library exhibitions, such as Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination Participants create their games in the first six months of each year and from the submitted entries, three shortlisted teams are invited to an award ceremony which takes place at Nottingham’s GameCity festival, where the winner is announced.

Previous winners are Pudding Lane Productions and Gothulus Rift who created a game called Nix.

a detail of Visscher’s view of London 

A detail of Visscher’s view of London, 1616 (Maps C.5.a.6.)

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Further information

For more information on the current competition “Alice’s Adventures Off the Map”, which is part of the British Library's celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland in 2015 visit the Gamecity site.


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