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TitleWhose world is it anyway; entries on Chinese globe 1623, the Prisoners' Press (maps printed in secret, 1944), map of the vale of Kashmir c.1836, air photo mosaic of Ayrshire 1946.
Author(s)British Library curators
Published inLie of the Land. The secret life of maps., pp. 9, 29, 30-31, 36-37, 43.
Editor(s)April Carlucci and Peter Barber
Publication detailsLondon, British Library, 2001. ISBN: 0712347518
ShelfmarkMaps Ref. A.6a. (43.) and Maps 233.a.3.
AvailabilityBritish Library's Reading Rooms
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British Library Bookshop

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Journal articles, published lectures, reviews

TitleFrom Ptolemy to terrabytes in the map collections of the British Library.
Author(s)Deborah Hall
Published inMapForum, 1, pp. 23-27
Publication detailsLondon, Spring 2004
AvailabilityBritish Library Bookshop

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Conference papers

TitleRussian maps in the British Library
Author(s)Deborah Hall
ConferenceДиалог национальных библиотек: Россия Великобритания [Dialogue of National Libraries: Russia-Great Britain]
Publication detailsMoscow, 2003

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Electronic publications

TitleWall tiles and free parking:
Type of electronic resource (s)Web pages
Author(s)Deborah Hall
Publication detailsFathom Knowledge Network, 2000
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