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Conference papers

TitleImitating the Passions: Reconstructing the Meanings within the Passagalia of Venüs & Adonis
Author(s)Moira Goff
ConferencePreservation Politics,Dance Revived, Reconstructed, Remade: Proceedings of a Conference held at the University of Surrey (Roehampton)
Editor(s)Stephanie Jordan
Publication detailsLondon ( Dance Books ), 2000

TitleCoquetry and Neglect: Hester Santlow, John Weaver and the Dramatic Entertainment of Dancing
Author(s)Moira Goff
ConferenceDancing in the Millennium: Proceedings of the International Conference, Washington DC
Publication detailsWashington DC, 2001

TitleSurprising Monsters: the First Female Professional Dancers
Author(s)Moira Goff
ConferenceTerpsichore 1450-1900 International Dance Conference (Ghent)
Editor(s)Barbara Ravelhofer
Publication detailsGhent ( Institute for Historical Dance Practice ), 2000

TitleMasks and Disguises: Guyot,Prévost,Pecour and Duets for Female Dancers
Author(s)Moira Goff
ConferenceStructures and Metaphors in Baroque Dance: Proceedings of a Conference held at the University of Surrey (Roehampton)
Editor(s)Kimiko Okamoto
Publication detailsLondon ( University of Surrey ), 2001

TitleShadwell,Saint-André and the 'Curious Dancing' in "Psyche"
Author(s)Moira Goff
ConferenceThe Restoration of Charles II: Public Order, Theatre and Dance (Proceedings of a Conference held at Bankside House, London)
Editor(s)David Wilson
Publication detailsCambridge ( Early Dance Circle ), 2002

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