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TitleThe W. D. Hamilton Archive at the British Library
Author(s)A. Summers and J. Leighton John
Published inEthology, Ecology and Evolution, 13, pp. 373-384
Publication detailsFirenze, 2001
Shelfmark(P) FE 00 -E(27)
AvailabilityBritish Library's Reading Rooms
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Title of exhibitionThe W. D. Hamilton Archive Exhibit at the British Library efair. Demonstrations of digital access and preservation.
Organiser(s)Chris Clark, Sophie Kidd and Jonathan Purday (Exhibit by Jeremy John and Anne Summers)
LocationThe British Library, London, pp.
Date(s)15 October 2001
DescriptionSince 2000, the term “eMANUSCRIPTS” has been adopted to refer to unpublished writings and images that are held on computer media such as cards, disks, tapes and hard drives. This exhibit presented eMSS from a scientific collection, and discussed initial steps being taken to retrieve and preserve them.

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