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Conference papers

TitleArchiving the Soundscape
Author(s)Isobel Clouter
ConferenceAcoustic Ecology: An International Symposium - Proceedings of The World Forum for Acoustic Ecology, Melbourne 2003.
Editor(s)Roger Alsop (Australia); John Levack Drever (UK); Gary Ferrington (USA); Nigel Frayne (Australia); Helmi Järviluoma (Finland); Henrik Karlsson (Sweden); Gregg Wagstaff (UK); Hildegard Westerkamp (Canada).
Publication detailsMelbourne, 2003

TitleThe Role of Sound Archives in Soundscape Research
Author(s)Isobel Clouter
ConferenceInstitute of Acoustics, Spring Conference 2008. Widening Horizons in Acoustics (soundscape section). Reading, U.K.
Publication detailsInstitute of Acoustics: St Albans, 2008
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Other publications

TitleMyths of Origin – Sonic Ephemera from East Asia
Author(s)Isobel Clouter and Rob Mullender
Publication detailsSeattle (USA), and/OAR recordings (and/32), 2008
Other information
AvailabilityBritish Library's Reading Rooms

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