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TitleNew York
Author(s)Carole Holden
Published inBreaking the Rules: the printed face of the European Avant Garde 1900-1937, pp. 127
Editor(s)Stephen Bury
Publication detailsLondon, The British Library, 2007. ISBN: 978 07123 0975 2
AvailabilityDocument Supply
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Title of exhibitionAmerican Bard: Walt Whitman and some of the books he inspired
Organiser(s)Carole Holden and Richard Price
LocationBritish Library, Rare Books and Music Reading Room, pp.
Date(s)January-February 2000

Title of exhibitionMore than a text: fine printing from America
Organiser(s)Carole Holden
LocationBritish Library, John Ritblat Gallery, pp.
Date(s)March-September 2001

Title of exhibitionThe Artist and the poet: Leonard Baskin and Ted Hughes
Organiser(s)Carole Holden
LocationBritish Library, Front Hall, pp.
Date(s)July-September 2002

Title of exhibitionFrom Lacock Abbey to Route 66: Fox Talbot and Ed Ruscha
Organiser(s)Carole Holden and Annie Gilbert
LocationRare Books and Music Reading Room, pp.
Date(s)May-August 2003

Title of exhibitionInspired by Shakespeare: modern responses to Shakespeare
Organiser(s)Carole Holden
LocationJohn Ritblat Gallery, pp.
Date(s)February - June 2004

Title of exhibitionAmerican Treasures
Organiser(s)Matthew Shaw and Carole Holden
LocationSir John Ritblat Gallery, pp.
Date(s)July - September 2007

Title of exhibitionOn the Road: Jack Kerouac's Manuscript Scroll
Organiser(s)Carole Holden, Matthew Shaw and Steve Cleary
LocationFolio Society Gallery, pp.
Date(s)4 Oct - 27 Dec 2012
DescriptionKerouac's On the Road scroll (1951), with accompanying material on Kerouac and the Beats.

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