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TitleThe British Library image database of bookbindings
Author(s)Philippa Marks
Published inEinband Forschung, Heft 10, pp. 14-17
Publication detailsBerlin, 2002 ( April )
AvailabilityBritish Library's Reading Rooms
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TitleThe trials of going online: the images database of British Library bookbindings
Author(s)P.J.M Marks and David Grinyer
Published inNew Library World, 103/1180, pp. 328-335
Publication details, 2002
AvailabilityBritish Library's Reading Rooms
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Electronic publications

TitleImage database of British Library Bookbindings
Type of electronic resource (s)Satellite database accessible from BL website
Author(s)P.J.M Marks
Publication details2002
Digital Object Identifier/

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