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Dr Aquiles Alencar Brayner, American Collections
Mr Tim R. Armitage, Monograph Ordering
Mr Geoffrey Armitage, Map Collections
Mrs Jan Ashton, National Bibliographic Service
Ms Janet Ashton, West European Language team, CA&D
Ms Alison Bailey, Humanities Reference Service
Dr Colin F. Baker, Near and Middle Eastern Collections
Mr David R. Beech, Philatelic Collections
Dr Nicolas Bell, Music Collections
Mrs Xiao Wei Bond, Asia Pacific and Africa
Dr Claire Breay, Medieval and Earlier Manuscripts
Mrs Penny Brook, India Office Records
Dr Sud Chonchirdsin, South East Asian Collections
Dr Andrea J.L. Clarke, Medieval & Earlier Manuscripts
Mr Paul Cleary, Western European Languages Cataloguing
Mr Stephen Cleary, English and Drama
Dr Justin Clegg, Manuscript Collections
Ms Isobel Clouter, Sound Archive, World and Traditional Music
Dr Elizabeth Cooper, American and Australasian Studies
Mr Steve Cork, Music Collections
Dr Debbie Cox, Contemporary British Publishing
Dr Kathleen Doyle, Medieval and Earlier Manuscripts
Mr John Falconer, Cartographic and Topographic Materials
Dr William Frame, Manuscript Collections
Dr Annabel Teh Gallop, Asian and African Studies
Mr Richard Gibby, Content Strategy, Research & Operations
Mr John Goldfinch, British & Early Printed Collections
Mr Milan Grba, European Studies
Dr Clemens Gresser, German Collections
Miss Jennie Grimshaw, Social Sciences Collections and Research
Ms Deborah Hall, Map Collections
Mrs Sally D. Halper, Social Science Collections & Research
Mr Julian Harrison, Manuscripts
Dr Philip Hatfield, Americas and Australasian Studies
Mrs Barbara Hawes, Scandinavian Collections
Dr Dorian Hayes, Americas Collections
Mr Peter Hellyer, Slavonic & East European Collections
Mr Duncan G Heyes, Printed Literary Sources
Ms Helen Hockx-Yu, Web Archiving
Ms Carole Holden, American and Australasian Studies
Dr Jennifer Howes, Visual Arts
Dr Arnold Hunt, Manuscripts
Mrs Jana Igunma, APAC, South and Southeast Asia Section
Mr David Ieuan Llewelyn Jenkins, Cataloguing (Boston Spa)
Dr Kristian Jensen, Arts and Humanities
Mrs Kathryn Johnson, Manuscripts
Ms Jean Kemble, Eccles Centre for American Studies
Ms Caroline Kent, Collection, Acquisition & Description
Ms Olga Kerziouk, Slavonic & East European Collections
Dr Barry Knight, Conservation Research
Mrs Karen Limper-Herz, British & Early Printed Collections
Mr Andy Linehan,  Sound Archive
Mr Daniel Lowe, Arabic Section
Mr Andrew MacEwan, Cataloguing
Dr Margaret Makepeace, India Office Records
Ms P.J.M. Marks, British and Early Printed Collections
Mr Nicholas Martland, Australian & New Zealand Collections
Dr Scot McKendrick, Western Heritage Collections
Dr Luke McKernan, Digital Scholarship
Mr Des McTernan, British & Early Printed Collections
Mr Chris Michaelides, Italian & Modern Greek Section
Ms Dorothea Miehe, Germanic Collections
Ms Leena Mitford, South Asian Collections
Dr Antonia Moon, India Office Records
Mr Richard Scott Morel, India Office Records
Mrs Felicity Myrone, Maps Collections
Mr Matthew Simon Neill, European Printed Books, APAC
Dr Vrej Nersessian, Asia, Pacific & Africa Collections
Mr C. B. Newham, Digital Processing, CA&D
Dr Cillian O'Hogan, Medieval and Earlier Manuscripts
Mr Stephen Parkin, British and Early Printed Collections
Mrs Maureen Pennock, Collection Management
Dr Robert Brian Perks, History and Classics: Oral History
Mrs Nalini Persad, APAC, South Asia
Ms Catherine Pickett, Western Languages Section (Asia, Pacific and African Collections)
Mr Will Prentice, Sound Archive
Dr Richard Price, Collections & Curation
Mr Richard Ranft, Sound and Vision
Ms Susan Reed, Early Printed Collections
Mr Denis V. Reidy, European and American Collections
Ms Susan Helen Reynolds, Scholarship & Collections
Ms Gillian Ridgley, Scholarship and Collections:Americas
Mr Jonnie Robinson, Social Sciences
Dr Ekaterina Rogatchevskaia, Slavonic & East European Collections
Dr Malini Roy, Visual Arts
Dr Matthew Shaw, Americas Collections
Mrs Ursula Sims-Williams, Near and Middle Eastern Collections
Mr Paul Skinner, Philatelic Collections
Ms Mary Stewart, Oral History
Mr William Stockting, S&C, Content Strategy, Research and Operations
Mr Hedley Sutton, Reference Services, Asia Pacific and Africa Collections
Ms Magda Szkuta, European Studies
Mrs Ilana Antoinette Tahan, APAC - Hebrew Section
Dr Barry Taylor, European Studies
Miss Cheryl Tipp, Sound Archive
Mr Hamish Alexander Todd, Japanese Collections
Dr Janet Topp Fargion, Sound Archive, World and Traditional Music
Dr Sandra Tuppen, Music, Sound & Vision
Mr Oliver Urquhart Irvine, Scholarship and Collections
Mr Stephen Van Dulken, Patents Information
Dr Sam Van Schaik, Scholarship and Collections
Ms Teresa Vernon, French Collections
Dr Richard Wakeford, Science and Technology Information Service
Dr Muhammad Isa Waley, Persian and Turkish Section
Mrs Alison Walker, National Preservation Office
Dr Marion Wallace, Asian and African Collections
Ms Magdalena Weber, Welcome Team
Dr Peter Webster, Web Archiving
Dr Geoffrey West, Hispanic Section
Dr Susan Whitfield, International Dunhuang Project
Mrs Stella Wisdom, Digital Research & Digital Curator Team
Ms Raika Wokoeck, Reference & Research
Mrs Ildiko Wollner, Slavonic and East European Collections
Dr Frances Wood, Chinese collections
Ms Janet Zmroczek, Slavonic and East European Collections