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Case studies - get the full story

Why is the British Library the world's leading document supplier? We thought we would show you the evidence and let our customers tell you...

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Anthrax case study

Virtually day and night the British Library was on hand to provide articles to the Palm Beach Post during an outbreak of anthrax in Florida’s Palm Beach, some dating back to the 1940s.

Bali case study

The speed of our service meant, when called upon at 3am, the library was able to scan and deliver an article within 20 minutes to the Melbourne hospital that was treating victims of the bali bombing. 

Government publication

We've been working on a project with exceptionally tight deadlines and the SED service has helped enormously. The last two papers we requested turned up within 45 minutes of sending the email - which is outstanding!

Exilica case study

‘Exilica found the British Library's Document Supply services indispensable while developing our microsphere particle technologies.’ 

Journal of Anatomy and Embryology case study

'Where else could you find “Phenotypic features of the domestic pigs bred in roman settlements of Pompeii and Caralis” from the Italian Journal of Anatomy and Embryology?'

Navy lists

'I used the British Library when looking for Navy Lists of commissioned officers and Hansard reports from the early 1800s. For a first time user of their website, it was a helpful and rewarding experience. Within 24 hours, I had the materials I needed.'

Oral Care Products and Practices case study

'Oral Care Products and Practices – A Historical Overview would have been impossible to complete without the British Library’s services and support.'

Russian journal case study

'When nobody else could, the British Library supplied an article from the Russian journal Pribory i Tekhnika Eskperimenta in English, within 24 hours!'

Safety risk assessments

Our role involves development of human safety risk assessments and a number of these are urgent. In sourcing material for these assessments, the service we receive from the British Library is indispensable.