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British reports - the National Reports Collection

All British report literature acquired by the British Library is added to the National Reports Collection, which we maintain as a corporate and national resource. Coverage includes reports, papers and technical notes from private and public sector organisations, charities, action groups and research institutions which, although available to the general public, are not produced primarily for commercial sale. We aim to cover British report literature as comprehensively as possible, and we currently receive documents from more than 4,000 sources. Approximately 182,000 documents were added to the collection between 1980 and 1998; the current annual input is about 17,000.

The importance of this material is growing because:

  • Many key organisations in the physical and social sciences now issue important research through this medium rather than in periodical literature
  • The quality of both production and content has improved in recent years
  • Information disseminated in this way is accessible much more rapidly than in the conventional literature

Records of British reports held in our collection are included in the 'Document Supply Material' section of the our Integrated Catalogue.

Pre-check for UK reports

If you have a source of reference for a particular report and are having a problem finding it, for a trial period we will check and inform you if it is in our collection. We regret our resources do not allow us to carry out subject searches - for this you may want to check the Integrated Catalogue or use one of the British Library's information services.