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Reports distributed by international agencies

International information and technology exchange agreements have helped to widen the availability of report literature in selected subject areas.

We hold the majority of the reports distributed by the following agencies:

FAO - Food and Agriculture Organisation – selective from 1945, comprehensive from 1976 to 1997.

The Food and Agriculture Organisation was established in 1945 as a United Nations agency with a mandate to raise levels of nutrition, improve agricultural productivity and to better the condition of rural populations. In an attempt to encourage information exchange, FAO operated a microfiche distribution service for selected classes of its documentation including working papers and field reports from the mid 1970s to 1997. We hold all documents issued by FAO on microfiche from 1976. Access to post 1997 FAO documents is now through the FAO website.

INIS – International Nuclear Information System – from 1970 to the present day

The International Atomic Energy Agency was founded in 1957 and offered a framework within a United Nations organisation for co-operation in a wide range of nuclear related activities, among them information exchange. The INIS system was established in 1970 to facilitate exchange of scientific and technical information on all aspects of the peaceful application of nuclear science and technology. We hold all the reports disseminated by INIS, the most recent as digital full text.

ETDE – Energy Technology Data Exchange – from 1987 to the present day

The Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDE), a program of the International Energy Agency (IEA) was created to collect and exchange energy research and technology information. The ETDE program began in 1987 with 11 countries and now has 18 member countries. We are able to provide access to ETDE reports for customers within the programme membership.

ESA – European Space Agency – from 1975 to the present day

ESA was formed in 1975, replacing the ESRO satellite and ELDO launcher organisations. It has 14 member states. We hold all the public release European Aerospace Database (EAD) reports and ESA reports, including ESA CR/P and ESA-CR/X reports available to UK customers only. Reports issued by ESRO and ELDO are also held.

EU – European Union – from the 1950s to the present day

We have been a Depository Library for EU material since 1966 and hold significant numbers of documents issued by the ECSC and EAEC from the 1950s. All EUR reports are held.

Most of the reports from these agencies are held in microfiche, and will normally be supplied as retention microfiche copies. Some reports are now received as digital full text. If you need paper copies, please make this requirement clear when you send your request.

The agencies listed above are the main, but not the only, sources of ‘international’ reports in our collection. We hold approximately 300,000 in total.

As our holdings of reports distributed by the agencies listed above are so substantial, we have not attempted to create records for them, except where we have been unable to rely on the announcement bulletins, indexes and databases made available by the agencies to match requests with our holdings. So, if you find details of a report you require in those sources, please send a request through one of our document delivery services. If we haven’t got it in stock, we can try to order a copy for you.

Holdings of other report series disseminated by international agencies are available free online in the Document Supply Serials file of Explore the British Library. They are also available in our subscription bibliographic publications.

Pre-check for international reports

If you have a source of reference for a particular report and are having a problem finding it, for a trial period we will check and inform you if it is in our collection. We regret our resources do not allow us to carry out subject searches - for this you may want to check Explore the British Library or use one of the British Library's information services.

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