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BLDSS Reply Codes

We have reduced the number of Reply Codes we will use to describe the status of requests sent by ARTEMail from over 100 to just 24!!  To supplement the codes we will also email you the equivalent status in plain English, which will include unique British Library assigned order line numbers cross referenced to your request numbers for tracking.


Computer Readable CodePlain English Summary
CANCOrder cancelled
CAT*REAPPLY [number of weeks]Unable to fulfil - Not currently available
CRF*CANNOT MATCH ITEMUnable to fulfil - Cannot match                        
DIRECTUnable to fulfil - Suppliers found
DUEPlease return item - Overdue
DUE*AUTOMATIC RENEWAL PENDINGItem due for return- Automatic renewal pending [return date]                     
DUE WAITItem due back soon - No renewal available
*FINAL DEMANDReturn OVERDUE item immediately
*INVALID ORDERING OPTIONSUnable to fulfil - Invalid ordering options
NCANCOrder not available for cancellation
NO RENEWItem not available for renewal
NOTUnable to fulfil - Not held/no longer available
NOT*NUKLUnable to fulfil - Suppliers not found
RCOPUnable to fulfil - Copyright restrictions                           
RENEWED*[dd-mm-yyyy]Item renewed                                          
SHIPPED COPYSent for despatch
*TOTAL LIBRARYSent to Partner supplier
*TOTAL LIBRARY MAX COST [amount]Unable to fulfil - Exceeds Maximum Cost  
TOTAL LOAN*MORE THAN 1 VOLUMEUnable to fulfil - More than 1 volume
USE O/DRevised estimated despatch date
USE*[number]On waiting list


For Detailed Descriptions and Further Information on Reply Codes, please click here