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Library Privilege Service

Certain UK customers registered with the British Library as a non-commercial organisation, will be accessing the collection through our Library Privilege Service. Under this service, we supply single copies of documents for non-commercial research or private study. Items supplied through this service do not attract a publication specific copyright fee.

Who qualifies for the Library Privilege Service?

  • The service is only available to non-commercial organisation in the UK.
  • The copyright fee exemptions offered through this service are only applicable when the document is to be used for a non-commercial research purpose or for private study.

Your obligations when using the Library Privilege Service:

  • The user must complete a declaration form, stating that the document is to be used for a non-commercial research purpose or for private study
  • The ordering library must collect and keep the declaration forms for 6 years, which we will audit as required
  • If a copy is required for a commercial purpose or the user cannot comply with the copyright restrictions then a licensed copy must be made, and a copyright fee is then payable.

We will contact our customers from time to time to ensure that they understand their obligations when using the service and are collecting declaration forms in the correct way. 

If you are a Library Privilege customer and you have not done so already, please can you can provide the contact details of an English speaking representative at your organisation responsible for this area and who ensures service obligations are met to

If you have any questions about this or any other British Library service, please contact us on +44 (0) 1937 546060.

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