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Library Management services

The British Library offers a range of library management tools that are scalable  to cover anything from resource discovery to full end-to-end library management.

Library Warehousing

Library Warehousing is a new service that has been developed for clients that need to repurpose physical library space. The British Library provides warehousing and ongoing access to physical library collections, as well as the experience and expertise of our staff. 

The project begins with a full audit of your collection that is matching against our holdings. We estimate the Library owns up to 98% of the physical journals traditionally subscribed to by the pharmaceutical industry in the UK. This means, under our fully audited, copyright compliant model, the Library only needs to ingest the physical stock that is unique to you, the duplicate material is sourced from our main collection.  We then take over responsibility for fulfilment from, and rights management of unique and duplicate material. This means that your library management, transport and storage cost are vastly reduced. 

Total Library

The British Library already fulfils 90% of document requests from our own extensive collection. We now aim to get close to 100% through our new Total Library Service*

If a document is not available from our own collection, we can take responsibility for fulfilling your requests from an established third party provider. The benefits for you are, you don’t have to search around several suppliers to get your request filled and all your documents are delivered within 48 hours. 

* The Total Library Service will be available in 2009.  Please contact us now on for further information.