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What content can I license?

Whether your content requirements are broad or very specific, we have a licensing option for you.

Electronic Table of Contents File

A great way to identify journal articles and conference papers in the British Library collections, our ETOC file offers:

  • Access to over 20,000 journals
  • Over 5 million conference papers
  • A 12-year archive for each journal
  • Broad subject coverage, in English and other languages
  • Daily updating

British Library Catalogue Files

The British Library's reference catalogues are at the heart of our services to the international research community. They record our extensive collections of European printed material from the fourteenth century up to the present day. The pre-1975 catalogue reflects the collecting and cataloguing policies of the former British Museum Department of Printed Books. After the British Library was founded in 1973, the retrospective catalogue was closed to make way for a modern catalogue in keeping with the international standards being developed by the library community.

Our catalogue files record the following broad categories of printed material:

  • English language books of research interest, wherever published
  • European language books of historical and cultural importance
  • Serials of research interest, wherever published