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Near print quality reproductions FAQ

 What is a NPQ reproduction?

You can now purchase high quality reproductions of materials from our collection, almost as they originally appeared in the press. Our Standard Service offers a high definition black and white reproduction and our Premium Service offers a full colour reproduction.

 How is my reproduction produced?

Standard Service reproductions are printed on a high specification digital printer and on high quality paper. Premium Service reproductions are scanned in Adobe Photoshop, where margins are set and images are “cleaned”. It is then printed on a high specification digital printer and produced on high quality paper. A more detailed description of service specifications are given below:

  • Standard Service
    Printed on 100gsm A4 paper
    Black and white print @ 300 dpi
  • Premium Service
    Printed on 100gsm A4 paper
    Colour print @ 300 dpi
    Adobe Photoshop “cleaning” include: black marks, spots, poor print quality
    Specific margins

 For what purpose are NPQ reproductions used?

NPQ reproductions can be used for a wide variety of marketing, promotional and regulatory purposes. Examples include:

  • In the pharmaceutical and food industries for regulatory submissions.
  • Promoting your organisation at an event or exhibition.
  • Or distribution to key customers/prospects by your sales team.

 How much will my reproduction cost?

Your price will be made up of 3 parts: a publisher specified copyright fee, a service charge, and VAT, if applicable. Copyright fees differ from journal to journal, for specific pricing. Please contact us for a quote.

 How do I pay for my NPQ reproduction?

You can pay for your reproduction with a credit/ debit card, or if you are a British Library customer, you can charge it to your account. For more information about accounts view our registering for our services page.

 Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order applied to our NPQ reproductions service.

 How quickly will my NPQ be delivered?

We will deliver your order within 3-5 days of its receipt. When you place an order, one of our Customer Services representatives will call you to discuss your requirements and delivery expectations.

 How do I order a NPQ reproduction?

For a quote, please contact our Customer Services Department at or call +44 (0) 1937 546060.