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Reprints/ ePrints frequently asked questions

 What is an ePrint and how does it differ from a Reprint?

An ePrint is an electronic copy of an article that can be purchased in multiple units, with full copyright compliance. It is downloaded from the publishers’secure servers and can be used internally within your organisation or for external purposes. Reprints are a similar concept, but your original quality article is delivered on paper.

 What content is available in the service?

We will be able to source the vast majority of article reprints on your behalf from our extensive network of STM publishers.

We aim to quote within 48 hours for all reprints that are available from the publisher.

 How can I share my ePrint?

Your ePrint is downloaded from a secure server. The link can be posted on an Intranet or Extranet and can be distributed in the body of an e-mail.

 For what purpose are Reprints/ePrints used?

Reprints and ePrints can be used of a wide variety of marketing, promotional and regulatory purposes. Examples include:

  • Sharing product reviews or white papers with your employees or customers
  • Showcasing your organisation on a company website or as part of an e-mail campaign
  • Communicating latest industry or company news to staff through an Intranet
  • Promoting your organisation at an event or exhibition

 How much will my Reprints/ePrints cost?

Reprints/ ePrints offer a fully copyright compliant way of sharing articles published in scholarly journals and The British Library is able to offer our customers escalating discounts on larger orders.

Your price will be made up of three parts: a publisher specified copyright fee, a service charge, and VAT, if applicable. Copyright fees differ from journal to journal, for specific pricing, please complete our quote form.

 How do I pay for my Reprints/ePrints?

You can pay for your Reprints/ePrints with a credit card or, if you are a British Library customer, you can charge it to your account. For information on how to open an account view our registering for our services link.

 How quickly will my Reprints/ePrints be delivered?

This will be dependant on the publisher supplying the reprints but generally standard service is 2-4 weeks and rush service 1-2 weeks.  The British Library will track and chase orders on your behalf.

 In what format will I receive my Reprints/ePrints?

  • Reprint – you will receive your printed order via post, to your nominated address.
  • ePrint – you will be emailed a link that will allow you to download your article as a PDF, from the publishers’ secure servers.

 Where will my ePrint be hosted?

Your ePrint will be hosted on the publisher’s secure server.

 How do I order a Reprint/ePrint?

If you would like a quote for a Reprint/ePrint, please complete our quote form providing details of the article you wish to order.

 How do I get further information?

If you would like further information, please email